Mira & Me

What’s to say? I love dogs and I love photography. I’ve found a way to incorporate the two.

In all honesty at this point I place more importance on running agility with my dogs – Cisco, my once-in-a-lifetime partner, and Mira, my up-and-coming girl –  than in photographing agility. But I still enjoy shooting performance sports, whether it be agility, flyball, or herding. I also enjoy making portraits – and seeing the satisfaction of friends enjoying them.

Our pack is made up of Suzie, my wife of 25 plus years, and our five dogs: Wyatt, Josie, Cisco, Steel, and our newest addition, Miracle (or just plain Mira). We live in Salt Lake County, which is where I do the majority of my work.

If you are interested in a portrait session, or exploring the possibility of me photographing your event, please hit the ‘Contact’ link on this site or call me at (801) 557-6822.

Thanks for visiting.

Keith Highley